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We're on the lookout for anyone wanting to take direct action to divert textile waste from landfills and alleviate clothing poverty locally. We've got shop-floor positions for those who love a good chat as well as stock room positions to sort clothing to a to charities and curate stock for the shop.  If you're ready to make a difference, contribute your skills, and be part of a positive change, join us !

Duration : min 4 hours / month

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Covering skills from beginner to advanced level, our workshops teach participants different ways to repair or upcycle their clothing. Attendees can bring in their own clothing to mend or rework or alternatively they can use items from our exchange. Beginning with a demonstration led by a local designer, participants are then given the skills and guidance to start their own projects. Workshop attendees come away with a lifelong skill of how to repair or refresh their wardrobe, reducing their carbon impact.

Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: 20 people

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Are you a brand looking to partner with a sustainable designer to make content, host a workshop or create some 1 of 1 pieces with your stock? We've got a network of rework designers to help you develop and realise your vision.

Sustainable fashion is the future so start making history today.

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We give guests the option to divert their clothing donations from landfill as well as shop for free. If they don't find anything to swap with immediately, they can pay their tokens forward to someone in need, visit our shop, or attend another one of our events. Our team can make clothing exchange events run smoothly and can even measure the carbon impact of the group's donations. 
Duration: min 4 hours



We're always looking for opportunities to share information and knowledge to corporate, academic, business associations and the general public.
Our founder, Roxy, is passionate about bringing her expertise on global textile waste management, circular economics, and UK clothing poverty.
We're well versed in hosting educational and engaging talks, panel discussion, and Q&A sessions.

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We're on a mission to disrupt the cradle to grave cycle. We believe that creative solutions like swapping, mending, and upcycling are needed to prevent textile waste from ending up in landfill.


We integrate the end of life of into your supply chain at a community-first level. We're all about projects with purpose. We work with brands on EPR, carbon diversion, and events to engage audiences with sustainable fashion.

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